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HEALTH LINE A way of gaining health

We care about your health. That is why we have created the Health line, which takes care of you and your well-being. You will find here products with important vitamins and minerals. Some of them are contained in delicious and soft gummies. The daily recommended intake of Acerola contains 600 mg of acerola fruit extract, which includes 150 mg of vitamin C. Duo Spirulin contains 2 algae: spirulina and chlorella. What is more, we have filled it with vitamins and minerals. Both algae have lots of important properties, e.g. they are a source of natural antioxidants and improve your immune system. Powdered collagen + glucosamine and vitamin C is a product in the form of soluble powder. Add it to your favourite drink and provide your body with almost 4 grams of fish class A collagen and more than 2 grams of glucosamine, which is an essential element of bones and cartilages. The product does not contain any preservatives, colourants, nor aromas. If you want to provide your body with magnesium and vitamin B6 then 2 capsules of Magnesium + B6 contain 100% NRV of these two substances. It is worth supplying your body with magnesium because it lowers the feeling of fatigue and vitamin B6 affects your immune system and psychological functions. Vitamin C in capsules contains 1000 mg of this vitamin in the recommended daily intake. The vitamin C is obtained from extracts of wild rose, lemon, and acerola. People who live in areas where the sun does not shine all the time will appreciate the vitamin D in gummies. Almost 2000 units within one portion and a delicious orange taste – these are advantages that will improve the health of your bones and teeth. If you prefer gummies instead of capsules then we have a product just for you – Vitamin C. Just 1 gummy contains 100% of the recommended daily intake value for this vitamin. Family vitamin gummies are yet another supplement in the form of gummies. Children love their apple taste and adults appreciate its composition. It contains 11 ingredients which cover 100% of the recommended daily value. The product contains vitamin E, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, selenium, and many others.

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