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BEAUTY LINE A way of enhancing your beauty

Products from the Beauty category has been created for you and your beauty. You will find here brands based on collagen, or our bestsellers for hair such us: raspberry Hair Care Panda gummies or Biotin for hair + silicon. Powdered collagen + keratin can be dissolved to your favourite drink. It contains marine fish collagen, keratin hydrolysate, vitamin C, and zinc which will help you maintain healthy hair. Nowadays, customer pay attention to the composition of the products they are buying, therefore they will appreciate the fact that it does not contain any preservatives, colourants, and aromas. Class A Collagen is a collagen in pills, which is widely recognised in the industry and by our customers. Its composition is based on marine collagen, grape seeds extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and zinc. Class A Collagen’s effectiveness has been confirmed by tests conducted by Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. If you are looking for alternatives to tablets and capsules, or you just want to take care of your hair in a pleasant way then Hair Care Panda is for you. These raspberry gummies contain 5000% biotin, which helps maintain healthy hair. Its other essential ingredients are zinc, selenium, vitamin A, B1, B6, E, niacin, and pantothenic acid. We’ve made sure that Hair Care Panda is suitable also for vegans and vegetarians. Powdered collagen + vitamin C is a product that combines a composition free of unnecessary additives as well as a pleasant way to use. This product contains only 2 ingredients: vitamin C and fish collagen, which you can add to your favourite juice or cocktail. Healthy hair bears contain 13 active ingredients, sealed in orange gummies. A daily serving has 500% biotin, which helps maintain healthy hair. This task is also supported by zinc and selenium. It is worth mentioning that this product has also copper, which helps maintain natural hair colour. Despite its sweet taste, 1 gummy contains only 3 kcal! Biotin for hair + silicon, apart from containing biotin, selenium, or zinc, its composition is enriched with bamboo shoots extract and field horsetail extract. The last one helps maintain proper hair condition. One bottle is enough for 40 days.

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